I was recently searching for a particular look for a series of photos I had shot, but I wasn’t able to find anything that was already out there from another photographer or retoucher that closely matched what I was visualizing in my head. So, what do you do when you want something that nobody else produces? Create it yourself!

I wanted a feel that was reminiscent of the low-contrast, slightly-desaturated look of 1960s and early ’70s consumer photography. My reasoning behind this was to allow the hues and tones of the image to tell a story almost of their own, instantly drawing the viewer into a place of memory and recollection.

My initial application was a series of photos captured while out for a day of fishing with my father and uncle. I wanted to tell a story of their relationship — years of memories and experiences with stories shared and laughed about throughout the day; a bond forged stronger through the loss of close family members over the last half a decade; and a love only two brothers could share.

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