Life Lessons and the Game of Chess

Allen Mowery
February 19, 2023

Life is like a game of chess, with every move we make influencing the outcome of the game. Each decision we take, no matter how small or big, can change the course of our lives forever. And, much like in chess, we must think multiple steps ahead to make the best of what we have.

I was recently reminded of this when I sat down for a morning of coffee and chess with my father. As we moved our pieces across the board, memories flooded my mind of the countless games we played together when I was younger. Each move we made felt like a step through time, connecting me with my past and my father’s wisdom.

My father was a skilled chess player, and I learned many life lessons from our matches. He taught me the importance of planning ahead, of looking at the bigger picture, and of being prepared for anything that life throws our way.

The quiet morning was a peaceful respite from the chaos of the world, and it was an opportunity to share a deep connection with him. We talked and laughed, and for a period time the chaos melted away. It was during these moments that I realized how much I had learned from our countless games. I learned to be patient, to think before making a move, and to analyze the potential outcomes of each move.

But most of all, I cherish the memories of the time I spent with my father. It was not just about the game, but about the bond we shared as father and son. He showed me that the greatest victory in life is not always about winning but about cherishing the moments we share with the people we love and.

As I look back on our strategic battles of wits, I am grateful for the many life lessons my father taught me. He instilled in me the importance of determination, focus, and resilience. He taught me that life is not always easy, but that the true test of our character lies in how we handle the challenges we face and, when necessary, losing with grace.

Life is like a game of chess, full of ups and downs, victories and losses. But it’s the memories we create, the bonds we share, and the lessons we learn that make the journey worthwhile. Playing chess with this great man — the man who first inspired me to pick up a camera — was not just about the game, it was about the gift of time and connection, and for that, I will always be grateful.

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