Who’s ready for a photo walk! Let’s get a group of photographers and photo enthusiasts together for a walk through one of our diverse, local communities. Ornate churches and restored buildings contrast sharply with closed storefronts, grunge and decay…all within a short distance of each other.

Any and all skill levels welcome. Make new friends, have a great time, and capture some unique images — all in a single evening! Those who are interested are welcome and encouraged to meet up at a local restaurant or watering hole following the walk.

Each participant is encouraged to submit their best photo from the walk to be featured on allenmowery.com

I am anxious to meet some new faces and shoot up downtown Sunbury with something other than a .38 caliber illegally purchased in an alley three blocks over…

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LOCATION: Market Street/Sunbury business district
START/END: Burger King, corner of 5th & Woodlawn

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