In preparing for photographing my first wedding I did a lot of reading and research on a variety of issues. Among those topics were two that may seem insignificant, but I believe them to be just as vital as showing up for the event:

So, to make it easier for any other people in the same situation, I have included copies of my documents for you to review and use.

Wedding Photography Service Agreement

Smart business practices are a vital part of being a photographer, and coming from my own business perspective, you should always have a service agreement (contract) no matter what you are doing for clients. And, obviously, wedding photography is no exception. For my wedding agreements I borrow from several sources, so, no, I didn’t take all the time to create all of the legal language myself. Feel free to download a copy of it and modify it to fit your own needs. For these two weddings (last week and this week) I am simply providing the final images on DVD, but if you are creating albums or prints for your clients you will need to change the coverage and package details.

Comprehensive Shot List

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, organization is as vital to wedding photography as creativity. Once again pulling from various sources, I compiled a pretty comprehensive shot list spanning from the bride getting ready before the ceremony to the couple driving away at the end of the day. Feel free to download a copy of it and use it for your own purposes.

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