No, they aren’t doing an artist biography or a miniseries on my oh-so-exciting life, but I was surprised to recently hear from a staff member of the longest-running soap opera on BBC television. As it turns out, while doing some research for an upcoming episode, the set designer happened across a selection of my maternity photos from a couple months back and was requesting permission to use a particular one as the focal point for a prop to be incorporated into the storyline.

The episode of Pobol y Cwm (People of the Valley) in which my photography will appear is scheduled to air on April 6th and can be viewed for an additional 7 days via iPlayer from the BBC, so feel free to stop by and watch it. I have also been promised images of the photo’s use on-set, so once I have them I will be sure to post.

Sure, it might not be a million-dollar book deal or a visit with Oprah, but it’s at least a little positive report to share with my therapist…

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