I recently came across Brannon Estis’ tutorial for this ingenious DIY beauty dish made largely from foam.


  • $3.50, or $10 if you pimp it out with Velcro


  • White craft foam
  • Sticky-backed Velcro
  • Bottom of a Ziploc container
  • Piece of emergency blanket
  • Scissors
  • Spray adhesive

Brannon explains the process:
I used a bowl to cut a 12″ disc in the craft foam. Made flaps in the center for my SB900. I scored the disc and put pieces of Velcro on either side so I could create a relatively bowl shaped disc. I cut the bottom out of the cheapest Ziploc bowl I could find, used spray adhesive to attach the piece of emergency blanket inside it and attached Velcro to a few strips of foam and the back of my new reflector. Works reasonably well as a parabolic reflector or beauty dish if you will.
View additional photos here.

The results? Amazing, in my opinion, especially for the cost.

I have yet to try this myself, but it is definitely on my shortened To-Do list.

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