A while back I had introduced The Age Project, a photography project described as:

The Age Project is an ongoing photographic collection which explores the often paradoxical relationship between perception and reality along with the natural human tendency for being dissatisfied wherever we find ourselves in life.

There is no plan, there are no pretenses. There is no airbrushing or retouching. There is no Photoshop. It is unscripted, it is subjective. It is real.

You (read: anyone) can become a part of the project in three simple steps!

  1. Grab a white board and dry erase marker, a piece of paper or cardboard and a magic marker, a chalkboard and chalk, etc. The material doesn’t so much matter, just so long as what is written on it is bold and clearly legible.
  2. Have a friend, enemy, family member, or random stranger take a photo of you. Or take a self-portrait.
  3. Upload and share the photo on The Age Project’s wall, and feel free to tag yourself!

Join in The Age Project and help discover the disconnect between perception and reality and the human dissatisfaction!  (Check out photos from The Age Project: HERE)

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