After Dark at Walker Lake

Allen Mowery
July 23, 2010

Walker Lake After Sunset
DAILY PHOTO – Last evening my parents had invited us to go with them to Walker Lake, a local body of water near their place, to spend some time together and take our daughter out in their boat. However, my brother and I commandeered the boat first and went out on a little photographic exploration [read: rampage] of our own.

Anytime we go anywhere I obviously have my camera, and I have recently gotten into the habit of carrying my umbrella and lights with me as well…much to the chagrin of my dear wife. And last evening was no exception. Using my brother as my impromptu model, I waded out into the water with my trusty brolly to hopefully capture some good shots of him (photos to come shortly), but after he spontaneously decided to go swimming I opted for moving up onto the floating dock.

As the evening wound to a close and the sun set behind the hills, we pulled the boat out of the water and got ready to head back to my parents’ place. After they left I lingered for a few minutes longer to take some lakeside photographs in the dark. This is one of the images I captured using a delayed shutter, and when I previewed it on the LCD I nearly leaped for joy (but I didn’t, because I was standing in water and my flip-flops would have come off and easily gotten last in the dark….and I didn’t have a flashlight). Nature is one of the most beautiful photographic subjects, and it has been my experience that it protests far less than humans when you try to take its picture.

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