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Do you find yourself coming up against a creative block? It’s okay, many photographers do (and creative professionals in general), so you are not alone. Here is a quick tip for being an overcomer.

This is what is referred to as the 100 Step Challenge. It’s easy:

  • Grab your camera and start walking.
  • Count your steps.
  • After 100 steps, stop where you are, and take a photo (or multiple photos)…you must take a photo, no excuses.
  • Repeat steps 2-3 as desired.

The concept behind the 100 Step Challenge is to prod along your creativity, forcing you to see scenes and create shots when there really isn’t anything there. Difficult? Maybe. Fun? Definitely!

While driving this morning, I was keeping my eyes open for possible shots, but nothing was coming to me. So, a little while later I decided to take it on foot, and engaged in my first 100 Step Challenge. While I don’t feel like I captured anything amazing, I was able to get some pretty good photographs that I will share once I have time to download and process them. But even if I didn’t capture a single, worthwhile image, at least it was a nice walk.

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