A Pennsylvania Winter-5819
Mother Nature took a little dump on the Northeast last night as snow and ice coated the entire region, giving me the little wonderland I have been longing for all season. After determining that pretty much everything in our rural community was a sheet of ice, that one of our trees had fallen across the road, and that neither my boss nor I were going to be in the office, I headed back to bed to regain some hours of sleep stolen by a class assignment the night before.

However, in no way desiring to waste this amazing opportunity, I later donned a sweatshirt and my Fidel Castro hat, slung my DIY camera bag over one shoulder and a tripod over the other, and stepped out into the shimmering beauty. Very few things compare to a solitary walk through ice and snow with naught but one’s camera and wandering thoughts…

A Pennsylvania Winter” is a series of winter images I will be publishing on the website here over the next while, including a number of images from today. Check back to see the entire collection!

NOTE TO SELF: Buy a new pair of boots before doing this again. Remember, you’re allergic to the cold, you dolt…

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