Pasture Sentinel
I am beginning a new segment here on my blog where I share some of my Flickr favs so you can get an idea of where I derive my inspiration.

One of my favorite photographers, and definitely my favorite HDR photographer is Trey Ratcliff, also known as Stuck in Customs. His work from around the world is not only amazing, beautiful, and technically sound, but I find it very inspiring as I hone my own photographic skills. I love the clarity, sharp details, and vibrant colors that he brings to much of his work, and this piece is a prime example of that. Unlike much HDR that is out there, this image looks realistic and believable, and I love the bloody heck out of it!

Of this particular photo, Trey writes:

After I drove through Nelson, I was ripping along the highway and noticed an old farmhouse. I’m not sure how I noticed it, but the area was so different, I just had to stop. I spent 90% of my time taking photos of the farmhouse, and on the way back, I saw this tree. It stood solitary and wonderful; I had to grab a shot.

Trey recently (2009) published a book entitled A World in HDR, complete with an overview of the technicalities of HDR photography, the human perception of light and imagery, and, of course, lots of HDR photos.

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