Like MacArther, I have returned!

I am back from my unannounced weeklong hiatus and am ready to hit the ground running…or at least that’s what I like to convince myself of. This past week was filled with class work, studying, and exams that demanded most of my attention, so I put blogging on the proverbial shelf during that time.

New Upcoming Feature

I am looking at introducing a new recurring feature to the blog — photographer interviews. The interviews will primarily focus on a few key points:

  • Who the photographer is and a little background bio
  • What type of photography they specialize in
  • What equipment they use and how they manipulate it to acheive their specific style
  • In-camera capture versus post-processing
  • What their workflow and post-pro looks like
  • …and more!

I hope that this will be something of interest to you, my readers, but in the event that you thrust your noses in the air and become completely board with the feature, I can at least rest assured in the fact that I will have benefitted from it.

Flickr Networking

Speaking of photographer interviews, Flickr is a great place to network with fellow photographers. If you are not a member, be sure to join today!

Post of Interest

While reading Matt Kloskowski‘s blog, Lightroom Killer Tips, the other day I came across an interesting post entitled “The Story of the Illegal HDR Photo,” an account of a recent incident while photographing inside Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. A good read with a heathly sprinkling of humor.

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