Happy Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day, what I view as a rather pointless holiday on the American calendar. But I am thankful for it, nonetheless. After all, it gives me an extra day to shove my nose in a textbook!

First Friday

Friday evening my wife and I had a wonderful date…probably the best we’ve had in years, if not ever! We were planning to attend a couple art galleries at the local university, but, unfortunately, the people who run that place must assume that everyone goes to bed at 5:00 pm, so that wasn’t going to work. Then, one of my contacts through Facebook suggested that we check out First Friday, an informal community art event held in Williamsport on the first Friday of every month. I had heard of it before, and since our original plans were shot to heck we decided to check it out.

After a delicious meal from Wegmans (you’ve gotta check out their subs sometime…best in the world!) we hit the streets, hand-in-hand, like two love-struck kids. We got a later start than I had hoped, so we didn’t get to check out all of the exhibits that we hoped to, but it was still a great time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the arts or local artists in the area!

ARTIST KUDOS: Just wanted to put a little plug in here for artist and graphic designer Jamie “Boots” Marshall who was one of the vending artists. Her work has a very humorous, sometimes borderline satyrical flair to it, and my wife just loves it! We picked up a matted print of You Make It Go Away, the untold story of us as a couple. Be sure to take some time and check our Jamie’s work!

Coca-Cola, Hecho en Mexico!

Another exciting thing I discovered Friday night was that Wegmans sells authentic Coca-Cola imported from Mexico. Now, as some people have already asked me, what’s the difference between that and the Coke you can buy at any store? Well, despite the fact that it comes packaged in an authentic glass bottle with original pop tops and Spanish labeling, the recipe for Coca-Cola produced in Mexico is different than anything produced and generally sold in the US. The flavor is better, the carbonation is different, and I absolutely love it! I have some bottles of it that I brought back across the border some years ago, and I have been tempted ever since to crack them open and enjoy their awesome goodness. But, now that I have found a local supplier, I can have a virtually-endless supply of the luscious nectar. It was the first time my wife had ever had it, and now she is in love, too!

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