• Surprisingly, I have been really enjoying the rainy, cloudy days we have been having lately. Now, the bloody sun’s coming out and destroying my dark little world.
  • I’m taking a photography course this semester, so you will definitely be seeing some of my work posted here. I wasn’t planning to take the class for fear of course overload, but after talking to the professor and looking over the syllabus I’m pretty confident that it will be manageable.
  • I have been wrestling for some time with the issue of whether or not to publish photo session pricing on my website. There are many pros and cons on both sides of the argument (I might share sometime), but I finally succumbed to the pressure and posted pricing to my site. We’ll see what the outcome is, and I might change my mind in the future and pull it down. Anyone else have any input, advice, or personal experiences to share on the issue?

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