• It’s been a while since I’ve posted any “Monday Musings,” but I hope to do better with it (just don’t hold your breath).
  • I want to say congratulations to Nicole for being the winner of my complimentary photo session made exclusively available to all my Facebook supporters! Want to receive special discounts and offers? Become a fan on Facebook today!
  • Last evening we were in Harrisburg for my wife to visit her grandmother in the hospital. Since she is in the ICU and nobody under twelve is allowed in, our son and I (our daughter was spending the weekend with her grandparents) went for a rather nice stroll throughout the riverfront area. Since the time I was a young child I have traveled along Front Street countless times, yet I never really have taken any time to get out and explore. However, last evening was the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the foot traffic in that area. So, armed with an adorable little boy, a stroller, and a diaper bag, I set out on our little adventure. We walked all around, over to City Island, then down along the waterfront, etc. I was surprised at how nice the area really is, even though there were a few places that lived up to what you’d expect in the city. Anyhow, my point in going through all of that is to say:
    a) I left my camera at home, and I kept kicking myself for all of the missed opportunities.
    b) I really want to do a shoot down along there sometime, so if anyone is ever interested, I’m game!
  • My wife and I have a weird hobby of going around and looking at homes, piecing together our ultimate “dream home” as we go along. As we were trying to make our way out of the city last evening we were traveling on some of the side streets, bypassing the one-way Front Street that was headed in the opposite direction. We eventually ended up at Italian Lake (top photo – not taken by me), a beautiful location we had considered for our outdoor wedding before settling on Fort Hunter, right up the road. We both love the houses in this area, ranging from beautiful Tuscan villas to quaint English cottages to very modern, contemporary designs…all of which we love! And my wife has now found her dream home, a small English cottage right next to the lake (see map below).

    LOCATION NOTE: For those looking to do outdoor portraits in the Harrisburg area, this would be an excellent choice for a quiet, romantic setting.

    [googleMap name=”My Wife’s Dream Home / Italian Lake” width=”500″ height=”300″]2902 Parkside Lane, Harrisburg, PA[/googleMap]

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