Back in July I entered a juried exhibit sponsored by the Susquehanna Art Society, a local organization comprised of artists working for the advancement of the arts within our area. At the encouragement of my brother, who has a knack for taking first place in his category and did so again this year, I entered this particular piece (props to my father for the title suggestion!), along with two others, for judging.

Out of the three I entered, this was by far my least favorite. Unlike my brother, I just didn’t feel like it was exhibit material, and, besides…pictures of cars are just way too clichéd. There was a black and white that I wished to submit in its place, and, unable to make up my mind, I resorted to polling strangers in our local Michael’s in order to sway popular opinion in my favor. But, alas, the masses won out, and I reluctantly entered this image of the vehicle in which most of our parents surrendered their virginity.

To my surprise, this is the image that actually placed! No, it didn’t take best of show, but I was happy to settle for honorable mention. My least favorite, and this is the one that made it…

However, all was not lost for the others. Before the exhibit even opened I had already sold one of the other works and was feeling pretty good about myself…until I hit a stop sign pulling out of the parking lot.

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