4th of July - Mifflinburg Park

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DAILY PHOTO – This year we kept our Fourth of July pretty low-key. After church and a fast-food lunch, we came home and concentrated intently on staying cool indoors. As evening rolled around, my wife decided that she wanted to take the kids into town for the big Fourth of July shindig that was taking place at the community park. As we pulled in, my heart completely sank. I have a little condition where I don’t like crowds and I don’t really like being around people…and the park was packed! (Seriously, I didn’t even know there were that many people living in the county, let alone in one little town.) But I was doing it for the kids, right?

In the end, I actually had a great time. There was live music, which I surprising found tasteful, there were various games for the kids and wonderful food vendors. (A personal shout-out to Flowers Delicious Italian Ice from Lewisburg…great prices and AMAZING ice!)

The evening came to a close with a pretty decent fireworks display. Living in rural Pennsylvania we get to see your share of desperate attempts at small community fireworks displays, but I was quite impressed (for the size town and explosives budget) with our town’s. So, I want to say thank you to Mifflinburg Bank and Trust who sponsored the display!

This is a collection of shots from the evening (almost exclusively of the fireworks).

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