DAILY PHOTO – On Saturday we decided to take some time as a family and visit one of the local museums in town. I had visited the Mifflinburg Buggy Museum as a kid, but I hadn’t been back in years, so Saturday’s community "Buggy Day" provided a perfect opportunity to check it out again.

To be honest, none of use were really expecting much, but the lure of a carriage ride for the kids (and the free admission) gave us the incentive we needed to visit. When we walked into the old carriage factory it was like stepping into photographer-porn Heaven. Antique tools and machinery, original carriages and sleighs….and the overall amazing rustic and heritage-rich atmosphere made me nearly jump out of my skin. Sure, it might be a little local joint, but I could spend all day photographing the first floor alone! Everything is original and beautifully-preserved.

This image is obviously of a wagon wheel, of some sort, and I believe it’s on some type of device that would allow them to secure the metal banding to the wooden structure.

I’m planning on securing permission to go back with extra equipment and take my time going through and photographing the entire place.

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