Want to see some of the method behind the madness? I share a little of it right here!

I attribute a great portion of my rekindled interest in photography to the late Bill Simone, a phenomenal commercial photographer whose work for one of my previous employers was dynamic and emotive, especially to a young adult whose previous exposure to photography had primarily been relegated to a 35mm camera. Some of my favorite images from Bill were simple, single-light setups that seemed to draw the viewer into the photo, and they looked great in a glossy catalog!

New photographers so often want to jump into multi-light configurations with more strobes than a Belgian dance club, but there is something to be said about the simplicity and beauty of single-light images.

I’m currently working on pulling together a creative shoot with a client who manufactures and sells custom tree houses geared largely towards hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. After a recent conversation with them, and bearing in mind the current hunting season in our state, I was struck by the idea to throw together a little inspiration of my own. I wanted the image to be warm and sentimental…almost…timeless.

Not being the patient type when hit with an inspiration, I wasted little time in trashing my office while turning it into an impromptu (and cheap) photo studio.

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