• Today is the first day of classes for both my wife and I! Definitely excited, but as I was looking over the syllabi I suddenly felt a little nervous. Oh, well…this, too, shall pass. My wife and I were actually able to schedule one class together, so it will be nice having a live-in study partner for at least one course.
  • I’m in the process of shopping for a new computer system, and I thought I had it finally decided on what I wanted to go with: ultimate portability with maximum processing = 15″ MacBook Pro. However, yesterday we took a family day and turned it into a little road trip which included a stop at the only Best Buy in the area (State College) that retails Apple computers. This was the first time I had seen the new 27″ iMacs in person (yeah, I don’t get out much), and I nearly…well, you can imagine… You can view them online all you wish, but actually sitting down in front of the slim-lined beast ads an entirely new perspective. And the “real estate” is to die for! My wife keeps saying that I should go iMac versus MB Pro, and I’m not even certain now what I want! Darn you, Indecision!
  • State College and University Park the day before classes are right on par with Manhattan at rush hour.
  • Speaking of “rush hour,” the first time I heard the term used was on my initial visit to New York City when I was six. In my little, under-developed, yet overly-twisted mind I literally thought that “rush hour” was when everybody got in their car and turned on Rush Limbaugh, thereby causing such major traffic delays.

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